What to Eat Today?

Okay, you may think I'm writing about food today - but no! What I am going to dedicate this blog to is what we consume. It's kind of like eating, it's the same concept. But how it's consumed that's a bit different. If anyone has heard the tale of the two wolves or have seen… Continue reading What to Eat Today?

The Mirrored Life

The idea of trying to do anything is pointless. When we say we are trying, it almost implies that we are doing an act because someone (could be us) wants us to do it (whatever that may be.)  We mustn't be trying. There is only doing. Nothing else. For the longest time I wanted to… Continue reading The Mirrored Life


We all have our own versions or definition of what leadership is or does, don't we? And none of it is wrong, it just is. We take from our experience and we shape our thoughts into words that we think fit the description. As we move into a new precipice of life I don't feel… Continue reading Leadership


http://thumbs.dreamstime.com/x/happy-anniversary-17150668.jpg Today is my anniversary with WordPress! It's been three years since I first began this blog page and a lot has changed since that time. I can hardly believe it's been that long, or that I kept up with my site this long. But truly I have to say that it is because of… Continue reading Anniversary!

What goes you?

Well, I decided since I haven't written in my blog lately that I'd at least give it an update of what I've been up to. This time of year is kind of a busy time for me. You see the reason being is that in about a month time from now, even less to be… Continue reading What goes you?