Another journey begins

So after hours, days, weeks and months I can finally say that today I begin a new journey today as a book writer. My long awaited dream is here! I need to pinch myself because I still can't believe that I've done it. I want to scream! Although I have no idea what this journey… Continue reading Another journey begins

The Allowance

Words have a powerful effect on people. I read today that words can hurt, they can do damage. Yeah, it's true they can. But here is what I also believe. If you allow things to strike where it causes you instant pain and you constantly remind yourself of the words that were spoken, you relive… Continue reading The Allowance

The power of belief

Do we ever stop to think of what we believe in? It's a consuming thought.  If we stopped for one day a week to think of our beliefs, we could probably write a page or two of the things we believe.  Yet, one does not realize that these beliefs that they carry around shape our… Continue reading The power of belief

Special Places

Camping is a favourite past time of many people, and I'm no different.  I love camping, outdoor fires/cooking, wild life, swimming, and boating.  It's an amazing treat where you can share laughter and fun with many people such as family.  As a matter of fact, I just came from camp.  However, the camp I came… Continue reading Special Places