Chicken (vegan style)

One of the foods that I had to get used of not having as a vegetarian was chicken. I loved boneless wings. Lucky for me there is an alternative, and pretty much there is one for almost all meats these days. Which is good for those of us who eat for health or for environmental… Continue reading Chicken (vegan style)

Who’s doesn’t like Juice!

I love tomato juice but I don't want to have to buy processed juice from a container at the store. I'd rather work to have fresh juice, especially tomato juice. So I found a recipe online and I love Kristina's videos so I'd went with her video. I think the end product looks so healthy!… Continue reading Who’s doesn’t like Juice!

Vegetarian and vegan

If you are like me, you like to experiment with different kinds of foods. I recently heard of cauliflower wings (buffalo wings) and I thought, "I have to try this!" I love cauliflower and I love sauces especially if it's hot or spicy. Since I no longer eat chicken, this recipe is perfect! I can't… Continue reading Vegetarian and vegan