Who are You?

I had the chance to hear a talk from Allan Watts where he discussed this very question. And now that some time has passed I have had some time to give it more thought. He is right though, we often don't know who we really are when someone asks us this question. Yeah, we can… Continue reading Who are You?

Ten Things

I thought today would be a good day to write a blog about two characters that I just love on television. Donna and Harvey from the show Suits on Bravo. If you don't watch the popular lawyer drama yet, you may not want to read this blog through as there may be spoilers for you.… Continue reading Ten Things

Donna and Harvey

I do love Suits. If you watch Suits you know what I mean. If you don't, no worries. But if you like series, show series, then Suits is right in there for a show to watch. It has suspense, fun, love, law, drama, and these two people--Donna and Harvey. Spoiler!! Do not watch if you… Continue reading Donna and Harvey

Video of the Day (Hey Hey My My) Sons of Anarchy

The Sons of Anarchy was a show that probably one of the best things that came out of television prime time to date. It was real, it was a glimpse into a world that we can only imagine of what it's like. The characters in the show each brought life to the story and really… Continue reading Video of the Day (Hey Hey My My) Sons of Anarchy