Nut Job

In this day and age there are many things that can pull us into many directions. We are bombarded with information. Yes? I think so. But no two people are alike so all this information somewhere- somehow serves a purpose. I recently took back to Twitter because it's what I do when I want information… Continue reading Nut Job

I Am

I am. They are probably two of the most powerful words that can be put together because whatever follows them is what you can create, literally. When I began my healing work I was guided to create a board for my wall that I'd write all the things I wanted to believe, starting with these… Continue reading I Am

No Set Path

The heart is a delicate matter. We want to follow it as much as we can. But so much of us are uncertain of where the road up ahead leads. Many of us want certainty. We want guarantees. We want some type of insurance policy that we won't get hurt, lost or confused somewhere along… Continue reading No Set Path

The thing about danger

Here is my question for the day? Why is it we want the thing we know that we shouldn't indulge in?  We all have different appetites for different things.  Some of us it could be food, some of us outrageous sports, some of us hopeless love, and even sex.  Of course, it doesn't have to… Continue reading The thing about danger

Sobering Thoughts

It's amazing at times where you find yourself when you pay attention.  I certainly never thought something like a book would shake me to my core.  Yet, strangely it does.  Of course, there will no mention of which book, just that it's a book.  Sometimes, it's music and other times it's a film.  It feels… Continue reading Sobering Thoughts