Allan Watts

Allan Watts, what a remarkable man. Since I first discovered his talks and lectures posted on Youtube I have learned so much. I can truly say that "I get him." The words he speaks makes so much sense to me and I wonder why I never found him sooner. But it's perfect as it… Continue reading Allan Watts


If you've seen movies such as Interstellar or Contact like me, you might like this blog.  It's been awhile since I've watched Contact but Interstellar was recent. And you know, we all have our own optics about life and living, we just do. But one of the great things that I am learning is about… Continue reading Optics

The better part of now

There is a concept that is well used in society and it includes three parts. They are; the future, the past, and the present. These concepts give people the illusion of time. And that time is separate and that it separates everything that happens to us. But in reality it is our memories that separate… Continue reading The better part of now