The Way of Waking Up

Allan Watts is a fabulous person to learn from. I have been under his wing for the last few years and I have realized so much since doing so. Watts' view on waking up is that it is something you do or do not do...there is no in between. Well, there might be and I… Continue reading The Way of Waking Up

The Wheel of Life

The medicine wheel is a teaching tool that Native Americans indians have used for a long time. But some of us, myself included, its knowledge and teachings have been lost to Western thinking and teachings. I began to learn about the medicine wheel about twenty years ago and I am now in my forties. The… Continue reading The Wheel of Life

Our home, the earth

Now that we have surpassed the date that we've all thought of this whole year and years before.  The work begins, if it has not started already for some.  There has been a shift happening, if you haven't recognized or heard.  And this call comes from beneath our feet, from our true mother.  She is… Continue reading Our home, the earth