Be Aware

This is not easy. In fact it could be one of the hardest things to practice day to day. Even moment to moment. Being aware. We seem to think that looking at life and it's complexity is hard. It's no harder than looking within and being mindful of what is happening. Myself, meditation has helped… Continue reading Be Aware

It’s a thinking thing

If we don't realize that it's time to change how we think to create "real" change in society- we should. It's a matter of thought. We can all do it. It doesn't cost anything. And even if we start by doing it for our own self, it's a beginning. It creates a pattern. A new… Continue reading It’s a thinking thing

Life so far

Learning how to value yourself Your body is a vessel, a very sacred vessel that needs to be valued on a daily basis.So how can this be done....... Learning something new, try something different than the usual.Visit areas or spots that you've never seen before, you might surprise yourself.Read a book. Any book on the spur of… Continue reading Life so far


My first experience with meditation was over ten years ago and I wasn't anywhere near ready for it.  My mind was so busy that I couldn't slow it down or maybe I didn't really want to?  I was influenced by the things around me that they took a lead of importance for me at the… Continue reading Meditation

Our home, the earth

Now that we have surpassed the date that we've all thought of this whole year and years before.  The work begins, if it has not started already for some.  There has been a shift happening, if you haven't recognized or heard.  And this call comes from beneath our feet, from our true mother.  She is… Continue reading Our home, the earth