Things will always change. There is a quote that goes like, "the only thing that is constant in life is change." Another quote is that the only guarantee in life- is change. It's proverbial. And sometimes a breathe of fresh air! No one knows the state of our future, individually or collectively. It's impossible to… Continue reading Intervention

What is home?

Like most people I grew up believing that home was the place where I spent my childhood. It was home. It was where my parents lived, including other family members. And I used to think that it was always going to be 'my' home. I couldn't phantom calling another place my home. It wasn't until… Continue reading What is home?

Fighting nation

The topic of fighting is everywhere I look, I see it every day. Why are we so big on fighting? Is it some thing that has to do with pride? Surely, the idea of losing for anyone can be consuming, I guess. But we do it with such ease these days that it seems as… Continue reading Fighting nation

What have we come to?

There has been something on my mind that I couldn't seem to get out. It wasn't until yesterday that I finally figured out what it was, but I got too tired to write. I never like writing when I'm tired because for me, I end up not liking what I wrote. So after some rest… Continue reading What have we come to?

Donna and Harvey

I do love Suits. If you watch Suits you know what I mean. If you don't, no worries. But if you like series, show series, then Suits is right in there for a show to watch. It has suspense, fun, love, law, drama, and these two people--Donna and Harvey. Spoiler!! Do not watch if you… Continue reading Donna and Harvey