Bare Necessities

I think the title seemed fitting to write about what the bare necessities were in my life. I think in life we accumulate so much 'stuff' that is not really every day relevant. And as I quash time (included with age) I begin to see how certain things that I have either purchased or picked… Continue reading Bare Necessities

Parts of a book

If you read my blog, "The idea of a book" you may like to know that I'm continuing this blog with another piece of my writing. They are short pieces of my own inspiration that has had an influence on my life. I am constantly learning and I'm taking what life has given me as… Continue reading Parts of a book

The Allowance

Words have a powerful effect on people. I read today that words can hurt, they can do damage. Yeah, it's true they can. But here is what I also believe. If you allow things to strike where it causes you instant pain and you constantly remind yourself of the words that were spoken, you relive… Continue reading The Allowance