No Set Path

The heart is a delicate matter. We want to follow it as much as we can. But so much of us are uncertain of where the road up ahead leads. Many of us want certainty. We want guarantees. We want some type of insurance policy that we won't get hurt, lost or confused somewhere along… Continue reading No Set Path

Never say die

I'm back at it again. It's my never say die attitude and my quest to harvest my own food. I tried in the past with very little success either because of the elements or a sabotage of some kind (which was not me.) I live in Canada near the great lakes so the weather has… Continue reading Never say die

The Vessel

This year seems to be proving to be something different. First of all, I feel different. I have done and made some radical changes over the last eighteen months to my lifestyle. I have still a ways to go when I think of it but all in stride, I'm in no hurry. My diet is… Continue reading The Vessel

Once Upon a Time

We take for granted the things we have today.  The running water, the electricity that runs through our homes.  The constant waves of technology that we communicate through.  But when I was a child, I had none of these things.  I grew up in the early 70's and reached my teens in the 80's.  In… Continue reading Once Upon a Time