The Way of Waking Up

Allan Watts is a fabulous person to learn from. I have been under his wing for the last few years and I have realized so much since doing so. Watts' view on waking up is that it is something you do or do not do...there is no in between. Well, there might be and I… Continue reading The Way of Waking Up

What is Yours? (…like really yours)

As a learner on a journey (I like to call myself this) I have contemplated many things over the last few years. Such as the question, the name of this blog. I have listened to many speakers from different backgrounds, fields of experience, or professions. It's taught me a lot. It's open my view. It's… Continue reading What is Yours? (…like really yours)


Things will always change. There is a quote that goes like, "the only thing that is constant in life is change." Another quote is that the only guarantee in life- is change. It's proverbial. And sometimes a breathe of fresh air! No one knows the state of our future, individually or collectively. It's impossible to… Continue reading Intervention

Nut Job

In this day and age there are many things that can pull us into many directions. We are bombarded with information. Yes? I think so. But no two people are alike so all this information somewhere- somehow serves a purpose. I recently took back to Twitter because it's what I do when I want information… Continue reading Nut Job

Personal E-book

A personal e-book? Yeah. Really? Yeah. This is the conversation that I had going on in my head when I decided to piece together a short and packed e-book with images of my life. Sadly there wasn't enough space for everything I wanted to write with the images to explain them to viewers but those… Continue reading Personal E-book