What is Yours? (…like really yours)

As a learner on a journey (I like to call myself this) I have contemplated many things over the last few years. Such as the question, the name of this blog. I have listened to many speakers from different backgrounds, fields of experience, or professions. It's taught me a lot. It's open my view. It's… Continue reading What is Yours? (…like really yours)


I have been listening to Abraham lately. Abraham is channeled through Esther Hicks and has transformed her life as well as many other people on the planet. I have enjoyed listening to recorded seminars and have been so happy to hear my questions being answered by just listening. We all have questions. We all have… Continue reading Abraham

Be Aware

This is not easy. In fact it could be one of the hardest things to practice day to day. Even moment to moment. Being aware. We seem to think that looking at life and it's complexity is hard. It's no harder than looking within and being mindful of what is happening. Myself, meditation has helped… Continue reading Be Aware

Allan Watts

Allan Watts, what a remarkable man. Since I first discovered his talks and lectures posted on Youtube I have learned so much. I can truly say that "I get him." The words he speaks makes so much sense to me and I wonder why I never found him sooner. But it's perfect as it is...now.… Continue reading Allan Watts

Lose Yourself

All moments are perfect no matter where we end up. But you can't see this until time has passed. Time allows you to appreciate the journey after time has passed. The memories of where you "once were" allow you feel gratitude that you "were there" at the time. This is acceptance. The last stage to… Continue reading Lose Yourself