Fighting nation

The topic of fighting is everywhere I look, I see it every day. Why are we so big on fighting? Is it some thing that has to do with pride? Surely, the idea of losing for anyone can be consuming, I guess. But we do it with such ease these days that it seems as… Continue reading Fighting nation

What to Eat Today?

Okay, you may think I'm writing about food today - but no! What I am going to dedicate this blog to is what we consume. It's kind of like eating, it's the same concept. But how it's consumed that's a bit different. If anyone has heard the tale of the two wolves or have seen… Continue reading What to Eat Today?

Number Forty-seven

I know as people start to get older they are less ready to reveal their age. I thought about it and I figured that I am way too happy not to share. I believe that I was given an opportunity to live up to this point in my life where many things have taken place.… Continue reading Number Forty-seven

Reality sets in

If you've read my blogs as of late you'd know that I am set to publish my very first book. An E-book to be exact. For a few years now I had always seen people marketing their own work through websites and social media. The idea of doing it one day myself was there but… Continue reading Reality sets in

A Really New Year

2016 is going to be a really new year for this gal as I continue to write my e-book that is almost complete! Ahh! And I have to thank my audience that visit my webpage and read my blogs for helping me and inspiring me to write. So you, yes you! This could not be… Continue reading A Really New Year