And in the end all you will have of me is a vibration of my voice.... You know I have been drifting from the every day mundane topics into the very small compartments where there is rare sound. It's rare because it contains subjects that not a lot of people talk about. But I'm intrigued… Continue reading Voice

Allan Watts

Allan Watts, what a remarkable man. Since I first discovered his talks and lectures posted on Youtube I have learned so much. I can truly say that "I get him." The words he speaks makes so much sense to me and I wonder why I never found him sooner. But it's perfect as it is...now.… Continue reading Allan Watts


We all have our own versions or definition of what leadership is or does, don't we? And none of it is wrong, it just is. We take from our experience and we shape our thoughts into words that we think fit the description. As we move into a new precipice of life I don't feel… Continue reading Leadership

The Idea of A Book

There has always been a part of me who has thought of writing a book. I tried, many times. I just couldn't find the right niche and for the longest time, I felt cursed! I hate saying that. But I guess when you write or as a writer or someone who is passionate about writing… Continue reading The Idea of A Book

Where it begins

You ever get those moments where you are engaged in something and suddenly something just clicks in your mind? It's happened to me more than once as of late. I believe we can hear things on a certain day and it means nothing or very little to us at that time. And we worry or… Continue reading Where it begins