The Idea of More

We live in a society where we are brainwashed into believing that more is better. But is it true? I guess the answer would need to be from an individual basis when you think of it. Family has a lot to do with why we have to think of 'more' in the first place. A… Continue reading The Idea of More

What to Eat Today?

Okay, you may think I'm writing about food today - but no! What I am going to dedicate this blog to is what we consume. It's kind of like eating, it's the same concept. But how it's consumed that's a bit different. If anyone has heard the tale of the two wolves or have seen… Continue reading What to Eat Today?

Bare Necessities

I think the title seemed fitting to write about what the bare necessities were in my life. I think in life we accumulate so much 'stuff' that is not really every day relevant. And as I quash time (included with age) I begin to see how certain things that I have either purchased or picked… Continue reading Bare Necessities

Anniversary! Today is my anniversary with WordPress! It's been three years since I first began this blog page and a lot has changed since that time. I can hardly believe it's been that long, or that I kept up with my site this long. But truly I have to say that it is because of… Continue reading Anniversary!

A Mother’s Love

 A mother's love is a love like no other. It's full of safety and protection. It's warm and nurturing, caring and providing. There's nothing like it in the world. As a mother I have tried my best to display every affection under the sun to my children during their rearing. As I watch them as… Continue reading A Mother’s Love