Where do I reside?

Today's post is something that is close to my heart because it took a long time for me to get to where I am today. There were plenty of mountains, cliffs and roadblocks to get through to be where I am now. And I am grateful. Life isn't easy, we al know that. We all… Continue reading Where do I reside?

Parts of a book

If you read my blog, "The idea of a book" you may like to know that I'm continuing this blog with another piece of my writing. They are short pieces of my own inspiration that has had an influence on my life. I am constantly learning and I'm taking what life has given me as… Continue reading Parts of a book


If you've seen movies such as Interstellar or Contact like me, you might like this blog.  It's been awhile since I've watched Contact but Interstellar was recent. And you know, we all have our own optics about life and living, we just do. But one of the great things that I am learning is about… Continue reading Optics

I Am

I am neither here nor there Yet I am every where. As I travel up I travel down Continuing round and round If I am black I am white So it be dark as it is light If I am in I am certainly out This is what existence is all about When I am… Continue reading I Am

A Day in the Life (part 2)

I live a life of gratitude for the things that I'm able to enjoy in my life.  You see when I was growing up I had very little and I know you hear people say stuff like this from time to time but I really did have little.  I grew during a time when our… Continue reading A Day in the Life (part 2)