I Am

I am. They are probably two of the most powerful words that can be put together because whatever follows them is what you can create, literally. When I began my healing work I was guided to create a board for my wall that I'd write all the things I wanted to believe, starting with these… Continue reading I Am

Truth and Reconciliation

Today, we are acknowledged in a way that we have fought so valiantly to get to. And although many of us did not make it to see this point in life, the families of those students are rejoicing today. My mother and other relatives were students of the Indian Residential Schools that were set up… Continue reading Truth and Reconciliation


These days it is so important to pay attention to what we are thinking of. Why? Because we are constantly creating situations literally all day long. Okay, call me an out-of-the-box thinker but I've always believed there was more to life than we can actually hear and see. We are all Creators in our own… Continue reading Attention

The Wheel of Life

The medicine wheel is a teaching tool that Native Americans indians have used for a long time. But some of us, myself included, its knowledge and teachings have been lost to Western thinking and teachings. I began to learn about the medicine wheel about twenty years ago and I am now in my forties. The… Continue reading The Wheel of Life


Listening is truly a skill in where it takes plenty of practice and discipline. One must learn to how to listen, and from reading Rudolph Steiner's book, it is something that isn't what we think it is. Real listening is when we (the person) listen attentively to the speaker without judgement, without any criticism, or… Continue reading Listening