What is home?

Like most people I grew up believing that home was the place where I spent my childhood. It was home. It was where my parents lived, including other family members. And I used to think that it was always going to be 'my' home. I couldn't phantom calling another place my home. It wasn't until… Continue reading What is home?

The Idea of A Book

There has always been a part of me who has thought of writing a book. I tried, many times. I just couldn't find the right niche and for the longest time, I felt cursed! I hate saying that. But I guess when you write or as a writer or someone who is passionate about writing… Continue reading The Idea of A Book


I was born at the end of the sixties. My mother was born at the end of the twenties. And her mother was born in 1908. My daughter was born in the nineties. We were all born at different times and certain things were happening during our first years of life. But the one thing… Continue reading Generations

Where it begins

You ever get those moments where you are engaged in something and suddenly something just clicks in your mind? It's happened to me more than once as of late. I believe we can hear things on a certain day and it means nothing or very little to us at that time. And we worry or… Continue reading Where it begins

Crossing the threshold

There are points in life where we acquire a certain amount of knowledge, which we believe wholeheartedly. From that point, we can no longer see what we used to see. Truth is power. Your own truth is power. And no matter what your life used to be you cannot undo your learning. You can choose… Continue reading Crossing the threshold