The Idea of A Book

There has always been a part of me who has thought of writing a book. I tried, many times. I just couldn't find the right niche and for the longest time, I felt cursed! I hate saying that. But I guess when you write or as a writer or someone who is passionate about writing… Continue reading The Idea of A Book


If you've seen movies such as Interstellar or Contact like me, you might like this blog.  It's been awhile since I've watched Contact but Interstellar was recent. And you know, we all have our own optics about life and living, we just do. But one of the great things that I am learning is about… Continue reading Optics

For my Yin I have Yang

There is always two sides to everything. We are made up with negatives and positives. Until we realize and understand this we will suffer blindly. I see so many people who do not yet appreciate this part of us. And they wonder why their lives are going they way they do. They never question, is… Continue reading For my Yin I have Yang

I Am

I am neither here nor there Yet I am every where. As I travel up I travel down Continuing round and round If I am black I am white So it be dark as it is light If I am in I am certainly out This is what existence is all about When I am… Continue reading I Am