Good intentions

We talk...alot. We are forever talking. And many of what we talk about is filled with intentions. Our aspirations, our dreams, our goals, our to-do lists, our plans for the week, or our thoughts and opinions of family, friends or colleagues. We're always looking to the brighter side. But is there really a bright side?… Continue reading Good intentions

An Organic Life

What a month! I haven't written in my blog lately because it appears that I slow down at this time of season. I've had a lot of time to think, to recollect so to speak. But as I sit and type I don't always have the greatest idea of what to write, I just write.… Continue reading An Organic Life

Lose Yourself

All moments are perfect no matter where we end up. But you can't see this until time has passed. Time allows you to appreciate the journey after time has passed. The memories of where you "once were" allow you feel gratitude that you "were there" at the time. This is acceptance. The last stage to… Continue reading Lose Yourself

Parts of a book

If you read my blog, "The idea of a book" you may like to know that I'm continuing this blog with another piece of my writing. They are short pieces of my own inspiration that has had an influence on my life. I am constantly learning and I'm taking what life has given me as… Continue reading Parts of a book

It’s a thinking thing

If we don't realize that it's time to change how we think to create "real" change in society- we should. It's a matter of thought. We can all do it. It doesn't cost anything. And even if we start by doing it for our own self, it's a beginning. It creates a pattern. A new… Continue reading It’s a thinking thing