Good intentions

We talk...alot. We are forever talking. And many of what we talk about is filled with intentions. Our aspirations, our dreams, our goals, our to-do lists, our plans for the week, or our thoughts and opinions of family, friends or colleagues. We're always looking to the brighter side. But is there really a bright side?… Continue reading Good intentions

The Mirrored Life

The idea of trying to do anything is pointless. When we say we are trying, it almost implies that we are doing an act because someone (could be us) wants us to do it (whatever that may be.)  We mustn't be trying. There is only doing. Nothing else. For the longest time I wanted to… Continue reading The Mirrored Life

Never say die

I'm back at it again. It's my never say die attitude and my quest to harvest my own food. I tried in the past with very little success either because of the elements or a sabotage of some kind (which was not me.) I live in Canada near the great lakes so the weather has… Continue reading Never say die

Dreams, Disappointments and Desires

I think there is a truth about what Allan Watts mentioned in his talks and lectures regarding trying anything. I believe most of us listen to what's in our heads rather than what is coming from our hearts. And there's always a conflict between the two. Our head is saying one thing and our hearts… Continue reading Dreams, Disappointments and Desires

When a man loves a woman

When a man loves a woman there becomes a deeper understanding of possibilities within the world. Suddenly, the world is not so grey and dark, there's colour dancing everywhere. She creates the need for him to want to understand who he is and what he is made of. He dares to do the silly, the… Continue reading When a man loves a woman