A Day in the Life (part 2)

I live a life of gratitude for the things that I'm able to enjoy in my life.  You see when I was growing up I had very little and I know you hear people say stuff like this from time to time but I really did have little.  I grew during a time when our… Continue reading A Day in the Life (part 2)

A Day in a Life

So I thought I'd make a blog regarding my life and stuff that go on or thoughts that run through my mind.  This will be the first blog.  Lately, I've been listening to a lot of music because frankly it's like food for my soul.  And there's a wide range of music that I like-… Continue reading A Day in a Life

The Ojibway

I am Ojibway.  The people of the Ojibway tribe are spread out throughout Canada and small areas of the U.S.  A large portion of the tribe is found in Ontario, Canada where I live.  The Ojibway, also known as the Chippewa, carry much of the same dialect in speaking the native tongue.  The language today… Continue reading The Ojibway

What do we have in common?

Outside my window is a tree that outlooks the streets that are hustled by cars in a non-stop fashion.  I guess the late, late nights and the early morning hours it finds solace in the cool night air.  The sun rises and shines through my bedroom window every morning letting me know it's time to… Continue reading What do we have in common?