So I am on a new journey. I moved recently to a bigger city and I am slowly making the adjustments of that move. It's not easy. I first have to familiarize myself with the area and how to get around, that's a bit stressful. But nothing that's going to break me. You know,… Continue reading Adjustments

Lose Yourself

All moments are perfect no matter where we end up. But you can't see this until time has passed. Time allows you to appreciate the journey after time has passed. The memories of where you "once were" allow you feel gratitude that you "were there" at the time. This is acceptance. The last stage to… Continue reading Lose Yourself

Life so far

Learning how to value yourself Your body is a vessel, a very sacred vessel that needs to be valued on a daily basis.So how can this be done....... Learning something new, try something different than the usual.Visit areas or spots that you've never seen before, you might surprise yourself.Read a book. Any book on the spur of… Continue reading Life so far

You have everything

 Looking at life and what life has taught me, I have everything I need. I was never without, I shall never be without for as long as I live. Everything I need to know, I know or is being transmuted to me at this time. It will arrive. When I take this into account, I… Continue reading You have everything

Everyone has a key

  I grew up knowing that there were keys to life and being happy.  As I got older and started digging for my own truth, and I found things, things like my culture.  At the base of our relationships with the world around us, we need to follow certain values.  We call them the "seven… Continue reading Everyone has a key