The Way of Waking Up

Allan Watts is a fabulous person to learn from. I have been under his wing for the last few years and I have realized so much since doing so. Watts' view on waking up is that it is something you do or do not do...there is no in between. Well, there might be and I… Continue reading The Way of Waking Up

It’s a thinking thing

If we don't realize that it's time to change how we think to create "real" change in society- we should. It's a matter of thought. We can all do it. It doesn't cost anything. And even if we start by doing it for our own self, it's a beginning. It creates a pattern. A new… Continue reading It’s a thinking thing

Relativity matters

The holidays are over and we can all breathe a sigh of relief. Whew! We made it- again! You know I was one of those people who dreaded the holiday season because it wasn't always the best time for me as a kid. But things have changed constantly for me the last three years. I… Continue reading Relativity matters