And in the end all you will have of me is a vibration of my voice.... You know I have been drifting from the every day mundane topics into the very small compartments where there is rare sound. It's rare because it contains subjects that not a lot of people talk about. But I'm intrigued… Continue reading Voice

What to Eat Today?

Okay, you may think I'm writing about food today - but no! What I am going to dedicate this blog to is what we consume. It's kind of like eating, it's the same concept. But how it's consumed that's a bit different. If anyone has heard the tale of the two wolves or have seen… Continue reading What to Eat Today?

No Set Path

The heart is a delicate matter. We want to follow it as much as we can. But so much of us are uncertain of where the road up ahead leads. Many of us want certainty. We want guarantees. We want some type of insurance policy that we won't get hurt, lost or confused somewhere along… Continue reading No Set Path

All is here

When you look to the future. When you at the past, what is it? One of the profoundly things that I have discovered is that, in reality, they are both here with me right now. They exist within me right now. I can call on the past through memory and I will be flooded with… Continue reading All is here