Both You and I

We get pretty certain in life about a great many things. I know I did. But life is stranger than we'll ever know and sometimes there are things that do go bump in the night. And alas after all this time I have But where is here? Well I'll tell you. Last year I… Continue reading Both You and I


Recently I created a new Instagram account where I would post motivational and positive quotes and I named it, Raw Inspirations Love. I was going to call it just Raw Inspirations, but that was taken so I added the word love to it because I believed that's what it was all about to begin with.… Continue reading Obstacles

An Organic Life

What a month! I haven't written in my blog lately because it appears that I slow down at this time of season. I've had a lot of time to think, to recollect so to speak. But as I sit and type I don't always have the greatest idea of what to write, I just write.… Continue reading An Organic Life

It’s a thinking thing

If we don't realize that it's time to change how we think to create "real" change in society- we should. It's a matter of thought. We can all do it. It doesn't cost anything. And even if we start by doing it for our own self, it's a beginning. It creates a pattern. A new… Continue reading It’s a thinking thing

Relativity matters

The holidays are over and we can all breathe a sigh of relief. Whew! We made it- again! You know I was one of those people who dreaded the holiday season because it wasn't always the best time for me as a kid. But things have changed constantly for me the last three years. I… Continue reading Relativity matters