Personal E-book

A personal e-book? Yeah. Really? Yeah. This is the conversation that I had going on in my head when I decided to piece together a short and packed e-book with images of my life. Sadly there wasn't enough space for everything I wanted to write with the images to explain them to viewers but those… Continue reading Personal E-book

Excerpt from The Science of My Life Book

So, today I am leaving an excerpt from my new book, "The Science of My Life: Creating a Life of Peace" which was released on Sunday. You can buy a copy of it here if you would like to purchase it. I am still very excited of the release, it's still sinking in. I have gone and… Continue reading Excerpt from The Science of My Life Book

Another journey begins

So after hours, days, weeks and months I can finally say that today I begin a new journey today as a book writer. My long awaited dream is here! I need to pinch myself because I still can't believe that I've done it. I want to scream! Although I have no idea what this journey… Continue reading Another journey begins

Number Forty-seven

I know as people start to get older they are less ready to reveal their age. I thought about it and I figured that I am way too happy not to share. I believe that I was given an opportunity to live up to this point in my life where many things have taken place.… Continue reading Number Forty-seven

Reality sets in

If you've read my blogs as of late you'd know that I am set to publish my very first book. An E-book to be exact. For a few years now I had always seen people marketing their own work through websites and social media. The idea of doing it one day myself was there but… Continue reading Reality sets in