Listening is truly a skill in where it takes plenty of practice and discipline. One must learn to how to listen, and from reading Rudolph Steiner's book, it is something that isn't what we think it is. Real listening is when we (the person) listen attentively to the speaker without judgement, without any criticism, or… Continue reading Listening

Anniversary! Today is my anniversary with WordPress! It's been three years since I first began this blog page and a lot has changed since that time. I can hardly believe it's been that long, or that I kept up with my site this long. But truly I have to say that it is because of… Continue reading Anniversary!


I was born at the end of the sixties. My mother was born at the end of the twenties. And her mother was born in 1908. My daughter was born in the nineties. We were all born at different times and certain things were happening during our first years of life. But the one thing… Continue reading Generations

There’s only you

Honesty is the best policy.  Well, you couldn't have hit the nail any harder on the head and gotten it so right with that saying.  Because it truly is the truth.  But you know what I notice at times?  There are those who think that you can get away with lying to people.  Yes, it's… Continue reading There’s only you