We can be heros

I recently watched a video from Jamie Wheal that put into context of, “being and doing what you love and aspire.” Now, if you look you can find Jamie Wheal’s videos on Youtube or visit his Facebook page. He is famous for the Flow Genome Project documentary and the Hack the Flow videos that you can find on the internet. And the reason I liked this particular video he came out with is, because first off, it is the first one that I found that said what I was thinking.

It speaks of heroes or she-roes in life that we seek through life. We all like those themes where we get to see a hero in action, because somehow it gives us wings into our imagination. It sort of picks us up and takes us somewhere for awhile. I believe we all love heroes. We all seek heroes.

But who are our heros?

Are you thinking of it?

Did you pick out some names?

Are you still thinking of it?

Did you happen to pick out your own name in all of it? I think you should. We all should have our name first. If you start to think of all the things you’ve been through up until today, it adds up. You know they say that being born is a traumatic experience. For months, you are floating in water in the dark listening to a heart beat and a voice (mother.) The day you are born, the water slowly disappears and you are being forced from your home of nine months into a small canal. Imagine that. The experience is a, some cases, twelve hour ordeal. Then suddenly, you are thrust into bright lights and being pulled in every way possible.

But you made it. You’re here. And although, some days even, you may question that but we shouldn’t ignore this very first feat. We did it. There must have been a reason for that?

I’ll agree life can be complicating and some days confusing. You kind of wonder about it all at points and intersections of your life. But not to forget, everything up until now. That is where the secret lies I think. For instance, who learned to tie their own shoes? Who learned to ride that bike regardless of what happened? Who learned about computers? Who won the awards or the recognition? Who earned that diploma? Who is making sure the kids are ok and taken care? These are some of the things that we forget along the way. Somewhere inside, we sadly forgot to appreciate our story. Because we are not taught that in school. And the average household has two or more kids, bills to worry about, two or more jobs to work at, food to think about, social activities to plan for the family, holidays they wonder about, family visits to plan, ailing members to care for, and their own secret grievances and losses to tend to, if there’s time left.

selective focus photo of magnifying glass
Photo by fotografierende on Pexels.com

So you get it, right?

We do a lot. We do a lot every day. It is easy to forget how to appreciate who we are and what we do.

I’ll never forget a valuable lesson a family member share with me one day when I was completely stressed out. He said, “take what you can deal with right now, and do that. When you are finished with that, move on to the next thing.” He was right. What he meant was, do the doable right now and don’t worry about the other stuff until you get there. I was saved by those words that day. That day…he was my hero. He helped me remember who and what I was.

Long story short…we are the heroes of our lives. We are the ones who make it through. We are the ones who make it work. But we have to ask ourselves, is that all we are doing? If all we are doing is making it or making it work for the sake of getting through and not really enjoying ourselves. Are we really alive?

boy child clouds kid
Photo by Porapak Apichodilok on Pexels.com

In this day in life I believe that there is magic. And it’s not the kind of magic you might be thinking of. This magic happens when you live an authentic life that is everything you could ever ask for and more. It means you are following your heart. And the beauty of it, the magic of it all, is that you are being rewarded with goodness. It means you are full, full of love, of respect, and all those things you desire. It means that life is fun and it’s fun every day.

So, we are either at three different stages in life right now. One, life is not fun and we are asking how to make it right. Two, we are ready and trying out new things to find that sweet spot. Three, we’ve turned the leaf and are living in the magic.

One of the great things that Jamie says in his video, is that he references what lives in our heart (our jobs) is what we should do. No matter what that is. If we love it…it is where we belong. It is the way to see ourselves as heroes. Think of it, who would speak badly of themselves if we loved every second of what we did. No one. So therein lies the magic. Do what you love and you will be the hero all the time. And you will show others how to be the hero in their life.

To watch the video from Jamie, you watch it here.

Again, as always, thanks for reading and do come back again to see me.

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