Upwards and Onwards



Never say die. Now that is some gold right there, a positive attitude. We all need to create the mindset that will get us over a slump from time to time. It’s just common sense.

Today, the blog is about writing. Oh yes, writing.

I’ve taken the plunge into a book once more, with a slight twist. This new book that I am working on includes poems and anecdotes to inspire. Short, mindful words to start a fire in the brain. That’s what I call it.

Speaking of fire, I’d say that this fire for me started about a year ago when I said that I wanted to create a book like this. So, here I go!

Currently, I am working on book covers as well. That’s the artist in me that likes to multi task when I start projects. I may pay someone to make it for me, who knows yet? But for now I will keep my options open to doing it myself. And that’s a struggling writers way to go, lol.

I am unsure as to when it will be ready, but be sure when it is, you will find it here!! YES! I will also use my Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook to promote it too. I hope you join me on this exciting journey.

I may also include my audience/readers in the experience when it comes to choosing a book cover. I am sure I will have three or four to pick from, so I may need help.

If you want to be part of my journey, you are free to join on Instagram and search for me by typing, therealsoval. You can also join me on Pinterest by searching, atouchofsoval. I will follow you back if you leave me a comment on how to find you.

So, thanks again for reading. I hope you return to check out future blogs that pertain to this post and if you haven’t hit subscribe, please do that before you go.

Published by Native Stylez

Hi there! My name is Valerie a.k.a Native Stylez. This is my home on the internet where I post blogs about everything from my childhood memories to my views on the world. I enjoy photography, reading non fiction, researching, cooking, family time, astrology, and tea.

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