New Avenues

I am so excited!

So after little debate on this issue and topic, I have decided to invest some time into marketing. Yeah! Crazy, eh? Well, no but crazy cool. For those of you who have followed my blog for the last few years know that this is a change for sure. I’m always writing or directing my blogs about health, wellness and all that good stuff. But lately, I felt a tug to take my life in a new direction and start looking into something new.

I recently joined up in Shopstyle and for those of you who blog or like a social media presence online, you may recognize the name. I came across it by a video I watched. I did some research and found that this was something I could do, easily. I had never heard of Shopstyle, and the real name is Shopstyle Collective. So far, I like it! And I’m having so much fun!! Double bonus.

What is it?

Shopstyle Collective is a site where there are tons of products that are on the market. Men, women, name it. It has fashion, makeup, accessories etc..etc. And so you market these products through your social media or blog. When it sells through your affiliation, you make a commission!! I am having so much fun.

Right now it’s a learning curve to see how well I can do at this because there is so much more than just pinning some item to your Pinterest account boards. There’s a lot more and it’s going to take some time to learn all of this. But….luckily for tutorials I have learned a small piece of what are called “looks” on Shopstyle. And like I said…I am having so much fun.

Here is a look that I created on Shopstyle!

I apologize to those who wanted to see images here on my blog, but as soon as I learn more I will definitely start to post many, many images.

Thank you for your understanding and thanks for reading.

Have an AWESOME evening/day.

Much love, Valerie


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Hi there! My name is Valerie a.k.a Native Stylez. This is my home on the internet where I post blogs about everything from my childhood memories to my views on the world. I enjoy photography, reading non fiction, researching, cooking, family time, astrology, and tea.

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