Allan Watts is a fabulous person to learn from. I have been under his wing for the last few years and I have realized so much since doing so. Watts’ view on waking up is that it is something you do or do not do…there is no in between. Well, there might be and I would contribute the moments of when we are just about to wake up from a nights’ rest. It would be compared to that. The feel of wanting to sleep longer but knowing you should get up and get your day started. It’s that indecisiveness, that uncertainty.

But all of life is uncertainty I’d say. We are never really sure of what to do until the last second where we decide. That is the moment of total waking. It is when the mood is set, the drive is on. The arrow is shot and our aim is clear. We don’t get many moments when we feel this very way- not at least consciously.

So waking up as I call it is something you have to do consciously in the awake state. It is you saying that I am ready. Ready for the uncertainty that lies ahead. As scared as I feel, I’ll do it anyway. I remember the feeling because you have no idea of what to expect. You are left completely at the will of the Universe.

I have found that waking up is a kind of revelation to the Self of the Self. It’s quite magical, rarely upsetting and you can always find yourself in awe. You find that things work out better, or things go as planned. You experience less glitches. You worry less.

The path I took was a desire to change my life for the better. I got counsel. I dropped my old eating habits. I started to meditate. And I began to slow down. To take my time. And things came to me, slowly..little by little. And it changed how I thought. I began to see for myself of how this was working for me. So as I went the things I saw became bigger and more brighter, kind of like it was so noticeable you just had to look. A new truth was emerging and it was mine. I felt connected to it and it was like that gut feeling you get when you know “something” is for you. And today, it just continues….

So one of the things that I noticed was that “what I believed” really was creating “how I was experiencing” life. As I looked back at my life, I began to see it so obviously that I shook my head and was amazed.

I still haven’t figured a way of explaining what “waking” up is or what it feels like? It’s still a bit of a mystery. But it is a kind of “living moment to moment.”

But how do you know you’ve woken up?

I’d have to say that you understand that every day is a gift because you relish in each moment you are alive. You start to pay attention to you because you understand that you are everything. And when you do this, when you live this way, more understanding comes to you when you don’t expect it. To me, that’s waking up.

When I look around I see more of the positive than I do the negative. And I understand that I am always a part of that, my mind set leads me in the frame of what I am thinking. It can be negative or it can be positive. I do that, no one else. I have woken up to the responsibility that I am part of this Universe and my mind set will show me where I am situated at all times. It will either be positive or negative. Easy.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading. Take care!