This year I have gone out on a limb and decided to take the plunge on doing something a bit different. What is it? 

I have decided that I would like to give it a shot to live the minilist life.

You can say that I sort of began when I donated about six bags of my old clothes to donations. They were things I had for awhile and rarely ever wore anymore so I thought, “time for you to go.” Was it hard? 

It was bittersweet. 

And I realized how we get attached to things in life that are just ‘stuff.’ It’s crazy. So now I am down to enough clothes I can fit into one duffle bag, it is weird but it feels good at the same time. I mean there are still things I am going to have to get used of, such as not cluttering the kitchen with stuff. For now, I am living with my daughter and her boyfriend so we will see how it goes because we have all decided we would give minimilism a shot. So I am a happy camper. 

I look forward to writing another blog regarding my journey, as of now I have taken tips and list that I found on Pinterest to guide me along. I know that there is a documentary about minimilism so that’s on the agenda as well. There are YouTube channels out there that are dedicated to minimilism. It’s so cool.

So join me as I take this journey because I just decided to write a blog on the first day of each month about my minimilism journey, yeah. If I can stay on task I’m sailing which is not an easy thing for me to do because I lead a busy life. 

So here we go! 

Wish me luck. If you have a blog or tips about your journey of minimilism let me know in the comments below and I will read them. Thanks for coming in here today.