We get pretty certain in life about a great many things. I know I did. But life is stranger than we’ll ever know and sometimes there are things that do go bump in the night. And alas after all this time I have arrived….here.

But where is here?

Well I’ll tell you. Last year I wrote a book and self published it. It was the single most terrifying thing I had ever done in my life because I had too many notions. I had so much expectation. But after it was published all of that began to fade with each passing day. Why? It was the act of doing and being received that frightened me. But now it doesn’t matter. I’ve done it, it’s done. How well it’s received or well it’s being received is besides the point. I am not going to waste my time worrying all the time about who is reading it or what they are thinking about it. All that matters is that I love it. I love that I was brave enough to have written it. I took many of the things I have written in these blogs since I began and put them into a book. I literally went through all of my blogs one by one and inserted into a book.

That’s my story. Truly.

But that’s not what this blog is about. No. You see people will always find a way to be inspired by another in all sorts of ways. We’ve done this from time immemorial. And we will continue to do this for years to come. We always find a way to whatever it is we need or want because desires are filled with emotions. Emotions will always create intentions, of course the stronger the emotion the stronger the intention. And poof!! We are there! The place we wanted to be at one moment in time. We have that diploma, that job, that person, that family, or that life. But the bumpy part is that with time we are constantly changing within the environment that we are in. We never stay the same. I suppose some people do but most times we do change.

And change brings about more change as it happens. The more you change each day, week, month or year the things around you change as well. It is impossible for anything to remain the same while you are changing. It will not happen. The famous doctor who went onto being an author/speaker, Wayne Dyer wrote, “when you change the way you look at things. The things you look at, change.” It is another way of saying that you are a mirror in the Universe and how you view the world is what is inside of you. Because you can’t see something as beautiful if you feel or believe you are ugly on the inside.


If you really let it sink in day by day that how you feel about what is outside of you, that means what is actually happening to your knowledge about the world. You can only see it that way because it is a reflection of what is happening inside of you. It’s quite a mind bender for those who have not ever given it a single thought before but for those who have maybe did some minor searches on the meaning of life, they know it’s true but they might not know how yet. But they feel it.


Now here is something that might twist you into a pretzel a bit. Regardless of what we all have been taught from the start there is something we will need to consider. It is the idea of interconnectedness. Where I am part of you and you are a part of me. And you say, “wait, I don’t even know you.” Or her, or him. And I say, “it doesn’t matter.”

What connects us is how we feel.

Why do you think people who love cameras and photographs go to photography classes together? Because they all love (which is an emotion) the same thing.

Love has to be there in everything we do, in every person that’s a part of our lives, and every situation we engage in. Heartmath reports that the heart has a 100 times more stronger reading than the brain when it comes to energy. When we engage in matters of the heart I believe that there is nothing that we cannot do simply because the energy we are transmitting is clearing a way for us to be successful. The energy we send out by our emotions is what will always come back to us. All emotions have a torus effect in reality.


Karma is real. What we give out comes back to us. So when we think of life wouldn’t it be fair to say that we should love ourselves first? This is where the magic begins. I know tons of people who spend eighty to ninety percent of their time doing and being everything for everyone else’s sake. That’s a lot of time and energy. Don’t get me wrong I do think that it’s a noble way, sure. But it isn’t everything. Why? Well, in some cases after all that is over and done with you can’t help feel a little bit cheated. When the relationship/marriage ends or the friendship is over. And you did everything you possibly could think of to see that it worked. But in the end, it changed.

Too many people allow their circumstances to dictate their behaviours, their actions, and emotional state. This is done simply because people are trying to figure who they are. They are shaping themselves as time moves on and they are hoping that they fall in love with who they become. I see this time and time again with many people I know.

It’s all backward.

You have to fall in love with yourself first. Figure out who you are by engaging in all activities that feel good to you. Experience is the best teacher.


The order in which life has sustained itself for centuries is crumbling. It was always, “finish school, get a college/univesity diploma, a good job/career, a partner, children and live happily ever after.” You can see how there was no time to work on “me” in any of it. We were devoid. We were just instruments. You know like a well oiled machine playing its parts. God forbid if we decided to take a break. What would happen to the machine?!

The machine is slowly falling apart today.

The more we engage in what is good for the body and the mind without any expectations can ensue a community if we allow it. Our views, our actions on how we treat ourselves speaks volumes to those around us. We immediately cause effect. We create change. We don’t even have to try, it just happens.

We are magnets of energy. So it is up to us as to what type of energy do we want to attract? We’ve always been magnets we just didn’t know it.

As I said before when I began my journey some five years ago I said, “this will be a year where I will work on my body.” I never dreamed that it would end up the way it has but I am so grateful that it did.

Thanks for reading


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