Things will always change. There is a quote that goes like, “the only thing that is constant in life is change.” Another quote is that the only guarantee in life- is change. It’s proverbial. And sometimes a breathe of fresh air!

No one knows the state of our future, individually or collectively. It’s impossible to say what five years down the road will be like. Or I should say, what it will feel like? Because that to me is golden, the feels. Feelings and our emotions are the only thing that has guided us on this great mystery that has been our lives and it will continue to do so in the future. That is a guarantee. But lately over time we’ve noticed some small changes and some really huge changes in the way society has shifted. Life isn’t what it was fifty years ago, nor should it be. It isn’t even the same as 20 years ago. In fact, life has changed so much in the last two years that I wonder some days where society will go in another year from now.

But let’s tone it down a bit…..

Individually, there aren’t any guarantees for the things we are involved in. Jobs, status, relationships, careers, lifestyles or even how we eat. The macro, the micro of it…it doesn’t matter. It all changes one day or another. As long as we have feelings, something, somewhere will change.

There was a question that crept on me not too long ago and it went like this, “if you loved someone and you knew that the choice they decided on was a mistake, would you say anything?”

Would I intervene?

With love it is sometimes difficult not to get involved in some way with people who are close to your heart. It’s understandable. But it’s not always necessary. A gentleman I know recently got himself into some hot water because he intervened when maybe, he shouldn’t have. So it’s a personal choice when you decide to get involve in matters that include those you care about. I know many of us want to see a better result but it doesn’t always mean that we are part of that result. We sometimes have to step away from our ego and allow the situation come together on its own time. Other times, maybe it does include us. I’ve learned that any situation we find ourselves in is left with us because it has something to teach us. Good or bad is irrelevant. But I’m sure most would see it as if it included hardships, struggle, tears and agony that it was pretty bad.

There is a time for everything. So how do we know when or where to get involved in anything? Easy short answer is we don’t. We never know until something comes out of it. I say, “life is about learning.”  If we are not learning, we are not really living. There are a thousand and one questions we could ask about anything and we will never get the answer to any of them unless we either go forward with it or chuck any idea we decide on. Either way we will take away a lesson…with time…and acceptance.


Everything transcends. That is the law of life. You can’t stop it. You can’t avoid it. The natural order of life will take place. All life moves forward in life, never backward. So whether you evolve or transcend now or later, it makes no different. You will eventually get there. Or the meaning and the sense in how we see life will arrive one day. What means something today can be meaningless in five years from now. All life changes forms and meanings. So whether I intervene (the answer to the question) or not- will only change me.

We often think that when we install our thoughts and opinions in other people’s lives that we somehow make a difference. Maybe we do? And maybe we eventually don’t because we never get the last say in someone else’ life. How ludicrous of us to even think so. The only say we have in life is for what happens to us. That’s it.

Everyone can have good intentions. But someone else’ life is not our decision and that is the hardest part of life, and love. This applies vice versa as well. No matter how many people intervene in our life it is our sole responsibility to decide on where to go in life with the information we have in us. So do what makes you happy. Follow the bliss. At least you will be happy until you decide that you need to change….again.