In this day and age there are many things that can pull us into many directions. We are bombarded with information. Yes? I think so. But no two people are alike so all this information somewhere- somehow serves a purpose.

I recently took back to Twitter because it’s what I do when I want information and I want to learn things. I search for the information I need and some days, I have ten tabs open because I want to revert back to certain information that I may need. I’m not a tabloids person who wants to know what is happening to Kim Kardashian’s life, or who Prince Harry is dating. There is enough information (or gossip ) for me to read while standing in line at the grocery store. That is of no interest to me.

But thinking about how much information is out there about anything is nuts. You could type in the word, “devotion” and you are immediately send through dozens of pages and images of how, what, where, who is talking about devotion. The internet is an endless stream of information. You could go nuts just reading it all. Lol.


I like information. But I like to stay wise when it comes to what kind of information I take in. For myself, it is why feelings are important. I use my feelings to guide me with information and I don’t just believe everything I read. I like to sit with information and most times I will analyze how it feels to me. If it does not ring any bells, I chuck it! Gone!

I have made it for myself where I do my best not to live in addiction and attachments. I’m no master at it (and really who is?) but I do not let information rule me. Even though I like information. I use it to fit me not the other way around. And I think that is wise for anyone to do this. It goes the same for people we know in every day conversation and communication. Whether that is our neighbour, sister or news anchor. Take the information they pass onto you with a grain of salt. Take it apart if you have to! Rip it to pieces until the picture in your mind looks clear. If it still doesn’t make sense, you don’t need it. Maybe it’s there to teach you “not to believe everything that comes in.”


All information leads somewhere. Nine times out of ten it goes straight for our emotions. When I was younger (and more naive) I had no idea that I was literally the cause of everything I felt. I was the one pointing the finger and saying, “he did that or she made me feel that.” Do you hear how silly that sounds? And then one day a good family member said something to me, “you know that no one can make you feel anything.” And I thought about that for a long time after that night. I couldn’t get it out of my head. And so as I know now, if something sticks with you it’s usually because you believe in it as well. Today it is a message that I hope sparks a light within people because we have played the blame game for far too long. I’ve learned through my inner healing that I am responsible for everything I allow my senses to take in. If something is off it’s because I am processing the information still and I am working on a resolution as to why it feels off. That kind of resolution has saved me time, tears, and a tent full of emotions.

Information is nice. But knowing who you are and building your strengths as an individual is so much nicer. And the best part of it is, is being able to fall asleep at night like a baby with no problems because I am not attached to information. I contribute a large part of my inner strength to meditation. As you know, life can get hairy sometimes. But what I’ve learned to believe is that life is hairy but then, so are you. Life will always mirror who we are, a very simple fact. Everything we experience is our own reflection of our mind. Nothing more. If you want to know how to improve your life, improve your thoughts first. Don’t let information crush you. Don’t let it eat you up. Nothing is true unless you first, make it true.

Thanks for reading.