And in the end all you will have of me is a vibration of my voice….


You know I have been drifting from the every day mundane topics into the very small compartments where there is rare sound. It’s rare because it contains subjects that not a lot of people talk about. But I’m intrigued at this point. It might be silly or weird, to some, even stupid to even consider talking about. But for me, I’m right at home with it.

Let’s take for instance the subject of Christianity. I know it’s probably not what you expected me to choose. But it’s something we (almost all of us) can all relate to. I was brought up on it, I’ve heard the minister’s words and prayers on Sunday. But what I want to talk about is the one thing that is practiced throughout religion, and it’s the fact of holy water.

Yes, holy water.

You might wonder why?

I grew up seeing people, and participating in the anointing of holy water before entering a church. Everyone does it. It’s not something that is questioned, you just do it. For me, it’s about respect, to show respect.

I asked myself, “so I know they say it’s holy. But how is it holy?” So here I went into depth of what it meant for me.

All life is vibration. Everything is vibration. The words we speak carry a vibration, a certain vibration. We (most of us) all have seen the video of how sound affects water or sand on or in a drum or container. Sound moves the water or the sand. Our voices do exactly the same thing when we speak. In this case, prayer from a person who speaks over water, blessing it with a vibration of their voice. Blessing it with words. And the water holds a certain structure with that blessing that is later anointed.


Sound is really important. It isn’t trivial. Yet, most of us go about our daily lives never considering how sound affects us minute by minute. It’s odd how we take advantage of our ability to create sound and to hear sounds. But it’s just one of those things that goes unnoticed in every day life. I find it odd how completely unattached we’ve really become as a society. If we all just took the time out of day to really understand how important sound really is in our lives, and be grateful for being able to make sound. It’s truly a gift.

Could you imagine your life without sound? Me either.

Good or bad, the sounds we choose to engage in day after day, technically are shaping us. So isn’t it a good idea to surround ourselves with good sounds? With sounds that makes us feel full, whole, loved, appreciated, respected and so on…

I would think so.

It’s not hard to believe that a large part of humans tend to suffer a lot. Why? Who knows but the individual who can answer that. I’ve answered a lot of questions that I have asked myself in my forty seven years that I’ve been alive. Yet, there are still more to answer as time moves me from one spot to the next. But I am learning that sound has everything to do with how I want to live my life. I want pleasant sounds. Motivational sounds. Uplifting sounds. I want to hear sounds that make me feel alive and full. I have no more time left for bad sounds, I did that already. I’m through with that.

You can narrow the playing field if you want in life. All you need to do is choose. So let life be a blessing. Shape your life with how you choose to speak to others and how you decide people will speak with you because it’s important.

I have always believed that life is about elevation. We go up. We don’t go down. That’s not life. If life was meant for us to move up to down then we should have been born old and slowly get younger every year. But life is not that way, nor should it be. It’s just logic.

Anywho, I think that’ll be enough for now. Until I write again. I hope you enjoyed reading my blog. And as always, give it a like, share it if it resonates with you. And thank you for coming to visit. Take care.