I am. They are probably two of the most powerful words that can be put together because whatever follows them is what you can create, literally. When I began my healing work I was guided to create a board for my wall that I’d write all the things I wanted to believe, starting with these two words. It is a great exercise. The board was placed in an area where I could see it every day. So I’d have no choice to read it.

Too many of us today focus on what is happening in our lives a bit too much that we lose focus on what we desire most. And to desire something is just the start, it’s the foot in the door so to speak. What follows is how we speak beyond the desire. And just as important, how we feel when we speak it. We need to create the excitement as if we already have what we desire (even when we don’t have it yet.) And after a minute or two, we leave it and trust that the Universe knows what we desire and is conspiring to bring us what we want. We can have small thoughts of it during the days following, but always remembering to keep the excitement alive. That is important.

It’s not always easy to stay in a calm temper within our daily schedules, I know that. So it’s always good to find what helps you as a person remain cool under pressure. Maybe you exercise, or box? Maybe you run, or scrapbook? I don’t know? But whatever it is, do that. In fact, I believe we all should have at least three things that we absolutely love doing outside of work. Myself, I like to sew and bead. That’s my thing. I also like to learn and do research. I’m always expanding.

Everything takes time. It takes effort. I know that. My journey over the last four years could not be what it is today had I not put in the time and the effort that I did. My rewards are my emotions that I have today. And I got to say that they are way different than they were five years ago. I react differently. I talk differently. I think differently. And to me, that is fabulous.

I even wrote a book about my journey! Yeah, so if you haven’t been a reader to my blog you wouldn’t know that, but now you do. If you want to find out where to get a copy of my book, go here.

Life doesn’t always have to be full of surprises, well it can be if you like that kind of thing. We are more powerful than we give ourselves credit for. It’s time to start manifesting in a way where we start to see how we are doing it by being aware of it happening. It’s time to start feeling good about who we are. A vision board on your wall is just one example, maybe you can think of another way. Trust me, we all want to be happy, there isn’t anyone who doesn’t want to be happy. But we know ourselves best! So only through our own self discovery can we accomplish that. And don’t ever give up! Not matter how scary it looks or how long it may take. Self discovery is amazing! You’ll wonder how you got along without for so long? And that’s easy, it’s because you were always meant to end up here, right now. There isn’t anything in this blog that you did not need. You’ll always end up where you need to be at any given time. And if you want to know how I can think that, go and buy my book. Read it!

Again, I want to thank you for taking the time to read my blog today. You are the best!