Where you find me.

Today’s post is something that is close to my heart because it took a long time for me to get to where I am today. There were plenty of mountains, cliffs and roadblocks to get through to be where I am now. And I am grateful.

Life isn’t easy, we al know that. We all have a story.

The great thing about our gifts in life is that we have something that no one can take away from us. It is our free will. That’s what makes us unique.

We all have choices to make every single day. What we choose plays an important role in how we move through the motions on any given day. I keep saying to others of how lucky we are as humans, how blessed we are. And just how powerful we are. We are creators. Creators of emotions. And these emotions guide our every waking moments experiences. It’s such a simple fact, yet when you come to the realization of it, it’s such a profound experience. You can sit in awe of yourself. In fact, you should do it at least once a day. Be silent to just think of what a wonderful creation you are.

They say that the human heart emits a thousand times more electromagnetic energy than the human brain does. And the human body is a vortex within itself. Things come out of us and things go inward as well. Emotions are no different. They are born every second of the day we breathe. If the heart pumps out energy every single millisecond of our lives, what type of energy is it pumping out of you? What emotions are you allowing to go into you? What are you allowing in? Because I can guarantee you that whatever it is, it is generating the circumstances that you are experiencing now. This is why it is so, and I stress the word SO, important to feel good. Today, right now, this minute!

And stop wasting time with bad thoughts of what went wrong in the past.

In the Ojibway culture, we learn that life is like a circle. It goes round and round. There is no end, no beginning it just continues. The macrocosm and the microcosm of life can be viewed in the same way. The universe is the macro and the life of a human is the micro. They both affect one another. So if you begin to understand that you are like a small universe, you start to understand how you play a role. Your sense of worth starts to change. You start to understand that you are not just some little person in a vast universe filled with billions of people on a green planet. You are actually pretty important.

It all boils down to this; how we treat the body is how the universe is reacting within your own experiences. If you see chaos, destruction and cruelty in your world (mind) it is due to how you are treating your body. Remember that you are your own little vortex spinning round and round. Your thoughts and emotions play a role on your views of what you see. Whether you are looking at the world or whether you are looking at your own body.


The term, “to change the world you must change yourself first” is such a profound statement. I wonder how many people actually understand this statement. And it doesn’t just end or start there you can use this statement for anything. Let’s say that you think it’s time to get into a relationship, who would you like to meet? What type of person are they? Once you understand and know the answers, reflect them. Demonstrate them. Be that person you’d like to meet. If you remember that you are a spinning vortex (actually, a torus!) of energy that attracts what you emit electrically into the universe, you will pull that same energy toward you like a magnet.



Life is a beautiful thing. So reflect in your power, marvel in your beauty. Don’t dwell on the past where mistakes were made or lived through. Practice feeling good. I wrote a blog about feeling good earlier this week, you may want to read it. Decide where you want to live. Where do you want to reside within yourself? You have the power to do that right now, you don’t have to wait for anyone. I guarantee once you start to treat yourself better things around you will begin to shift. Do it little by little, one step at a time. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Be good to yourself. Your thoughts are very powerful. Respect them.

This has been fun, thanks for reading!