Recently I created a new Instagram account where I would post motivational and positive quotes and I named it, Raw Inspirations Love. I was going to call it just Raw Inspirations, but that was taken so I added the word love to it because I believed that’s what it was all about to begin with. Sharing love through words.

So this is my promotion for the page, hehe! I hope you like it.

The post I decided to go with today is about our obstacles. As I’ve wrote in a recent blog, I’ve been listening to Abraham, if you want to know more about who Abraham is you can see that blog here. There is a video in that blog.

What I liked about this topic is a few realizations that came to mind on the discussions regarding our obstacles in life. One is that, we as people, will somewhere in our lives take ownership of our obstacles in a way that we believe that it’s our story to tell. We validate the obstacle as part of who we are. We weave it into our psyche. We say things like, “oh I’m like this because of this experience” or “oh my beliefs are because of these experiences.” And the weird thing is that we do it so subtly that we don’t even notice it unless someone asks us or we start to investigate who we really are as people. So these obstacles become part of our story. They are our struggles. They are the hardships that we went through to get to where we are today. This is the story that is wedged into our brains so neatly and tightly that we barely notice that it’s there. And the thing we do with it so conveniently, is that when an opportunity arises, we will use that experience to demonstrate to others who we are. So we keep the ownership of that one experience, and through it, we keep the past alive in our psyche. The past has ownership of us. We seem to think that we are controlling our own lives, but it’s far from it.

Most people believe that we have to struggle through life to get to the good side of life. We think life has to be hard so that we can learn, so that we can grow and have a story to tell other people. But it isn’t so. We are only hardwired to believe that struggling is a part of life. Struggling makes you stronger. Whatever we tell ourselves. The idea that we do this is only for the ego. We think if we have a good story to tell, people will be more apt to listen or engage. And you know what? I was right in there with that belief! I was hooked, lined and sunk.

Abraham calls it, “paddling upstream.” I like that term because it’s 100% true.

Life is like a river, it flows, and usually it flows downstream. A river always flows downstream. It’s the path of least resistance. Humans, for some reason, fight the flow. We are hardwired. We can’t seem to get used of the fact that sometimes life can be easy. Life can just click for us. Everything can just fall into place. The fluidity of circumstances were just in our favour. All the right people came to us at the right time. Everything we needed just seem to show up. You ever have those experiences? I have. And when they happen we are usually in a zone and that zone is the zone of feeling good. Now we don’t always remember the details of how we got into the zone or what was happening at that time in our lives. We just know that everything worked out real well for us.

So it’s really up to us all of the time to decide whether we want to paddle upstream or downstream. The struggle or the flow. The great part about it is, we get to choose from the moment we open our eyes to the day. There is an art to feeling good, I will create another blog for that later.

Thoughts are powerful, our thoughts are powerful. We are powerful. The moment we establish this truth is the moment we can start pushing forward in a new way of thinking about our lives. We can take ownership, we don’t need to leave it to past experiences. A lot of us think that our lives turn out crappy because of her or him, but it simply isn’t so. When we think like that what we basically have done is hand over the paddle to another person who is taking us in a direction that we do not wish to go. This is where complaints are born. This is where the feelings of dissatisfactions are born. We’ve given away our ownership to people and past experiences. We’re no longer in control of what happens to us because feeling bad or less than has taken over. But it doesn’t have to be this way, we can change it. All we have to do is decide and everything we need will follow. We have that power.

Life isn’t about struggling. Life is about feeling good. Somewhere along the path we got taught the wrong lesson. And now it’s time to teach ourself a new lesson, a new way, a better way.

Thanks for reading!