benefit for all

Here is something I’d like to add to this blog and I’d like to call it the chart of feeling good. I think we all should have our own charts to remind us from day to day because feeling good is something we are not trained in. We are not given life lessons on what to do to feel good in life. For myself, my experience began the moment I decided that I would concentrate my efforts on my body. Of course even though that experience was a few years ago, I’m not a master at it yet, but I keep giving it my best. So here we go!

  • decide what is good for your body, mind or spirit. When we make decisions in life and the universe hears us, we transform everything that comes after our decision is made. Chose an area you want to dedicate your efforts to. I chose my body. You may want to start with how you think (the mind.)
  • develop new habits, change life up every now and again. Routines can keep us stuck in patterns of thinking such as “bowling nights Wednesday” or “pasta day Fridays.” I used to think structure was something that was healthy for me. I don’t anymore. Patterns can age us when we follow them to a T. We don’t flow when we follow patterns and routines. We are rigid and we are stiff.
  • read! Allow new information to flow to you and keep an open mind about what you read. Don’t let judgements to seep into your head. Read for the enjoyment of knowing how to read, or the fact that you can read because you have eyes. Enjoy the gifts you have. Eyes to see, nose to smell, ears to hear etc..
  • remember that life every day is like a Smorgasbord and you can take what you want and leave the rest. Never hoard. Save some for others. As long as you are on a path of healing and wellness, there will always be more up ahead for you to choose from. 
  • treat yourself! Take a long bath with candles, take a vacation, spend time with friends you haven’t seen in a long time, read a book, learn a new hobby, go fishing with others and enjoy the time you have. Moments are memories. Create memories that will make you smile because it’s all a part of feeling good. 
  • learn to pray. There is no right way to pray. There is only prayer. It is a connection to your higher power/self that includes honesty, courage and humility. Feelings are so important to well being that all of your feelings matter at any given time. You can sit in prayer for a minute or for twenty minutes. It does not matter. Expression of the self is such an important step in feeling good even if it’s just prayer. 
  • say what you mean and mean what you say. Always speak in truth and keep your word. Your word is like gold, treat it as such. Feeling good depends so much on this. Never make promises that you know that you cannot keep. Never speak of things that you are not willing to give your heart to 100%. This will only create bad feelings.
  • learn to be independent. If you look at the flip side and the idea of dependancy it’s a very narrow and shallow, similar to a hallway or pond/lake. When you create a dependancy on things you create the problems that come with them. You ever see some people who are addicted to coffee or cigarettes? Moodiness, tantrums, irritability, or snappy natures. The mind is a powerful thing, we must respect it. I gave up coffee and cigarettes because I did not want to have a dependancy on them for my happiness or for them to control my moods.  

So there is my list of what I do to keep myself feeling good from day to day. Feel free to write anything down that you want from it, the more the merrier.

I decided to write this blog following a blog that I wrote earlier, called “Obstacles” and you can read that here.