I thought today would be a good day to write a blog about two characters that I just love on television. Donna and Harvey from the show Suits on Bravo.


If you don’t watch the popular lawyer drama yet, you may not want to read this blog through as there may be spoilers for you. But if you watch this religiously like me, you might want to keep reading. I thought I would write down ten things about Harvey and Donna that I like.

The show is filled with interesting characters, exciting drama/situations, complicated people, funny people, and spectacular story lines. Every week I am eager to find out what will happen in the lives of the people on the show.


So what do I really think? Here are my ten things that I like about the two characters, Donna and Harvey.

  1. I like that they do not play a couple but instead play a couple of hard hitting law minded people who are willing to stop at nothing to get what they want.
  2. I like that Harvey is a bit messed up inside because that’s real stuff, people have problems, they have issues. We are not perfect, even someone who is top notch lawyer in a large firm. We see his past, his history and it makes for a certain understanding of who Harvey really is. It draws me in more. I love that the writers chose to write the story as we’ve seen it. It gives Harvey shape, it fills him out as a person. There are no shadows that you get surprised by through finding out his past. I like that.
  3. Even though there are hints of a one-time fling they may have had in their younger years, I like that they stick to their guns and keep their rule standing. It’s technically Donna’s rule but I like that Harvey lives by it. As much as I’d like to see them kiss in some scenes, I’m glad that it never takes place.
  4. Donna really adds to Harvey’s character and I think that’s really special. Without her, he’s half a person almost. It’s the way she talks, the way she walks, the way she thinks that draws me in about her character. She is confident. She is funny. She is witty. She doesn’t allow her emotions to swallow her up regarding Harvey. She’s so strong that way.
  5. Harvey plays a character who is emotionally unavailable and I find that so sexy! But his attention is so strong with whatever he is doing or is involved in. Yeah, so he had something with the one girl a few seasons ago, but secretly I think it didn’t work because of the way he’d always feel for Donna. And somehow I think that if any woman comes along in future episodes, she won’t be Donna. And he won’t be Harvey without her.
  6. Love can make us strange people. The fact that they both love each other but do nothing about it is a wild concept. But I love it at the same time.
  7. As messed up as Harvey can be at times, I love his confidence. He plays his role so good. He knows how to express himself in the way he looks at the camera or brings about his feelings. He’s tough and he isn’t afraid to scuffle for the things he knows is right. He doesn’t back down from a challenge, some people may see him as cocky, but if you know who he is and where he came from then you understand him better. I love that Harvey has morals and so far there hasn’t been a situation where he’s been in that I don’t disagree with or none that I can think of.
  8. I like that they stand by each other through thick and thin of everything that has happened so far. They go to bat for one another. They’ll take the heat if they have to and they show a lot of bravery in do so.
  9. The innuendos! I love how they talk to one another. It’s fun to watch.
  10. I like the soft moments we get to witness between Donna and Harvey, it may only last two minutes but there are the greatest two minutes of the day!