Words can say so much. They can remind you daily. They can put things into perspective at just the right time. They can say what you really feel inside. They have power.

I decided to pick some of the ones that I had in my library and post them. I have no idea who reads my blogs but I’m ever so grateful that they find it a site they are willing to subscribe. I am honoured.


I think about this quote by Lao Tzu, it has such a simplistic message, yet so many of resist. I have learned through life experience that it is never a good idea to push against what is happening in your life. Instead, go with it. An example that I can use is my (at the time) desire to build a cabin and live off grid. It’s changed. I can’t completely say that it’s not there, it’s just not as prominent within me as it was. I still want it one day. It just won’t be this year. And that is okay.


Gratitude. As I lay my head to sleep at night there is always room for prayer and gratitude. I may not have everything but I have the air in my lungs, the roof over my head, and people to fill my time with laughter, love and whatever else we want.


A hard lesson to learn through life but I’m so glad my life turned out this way. Self love wasn’t big on my list as I grew up. So as an adult, we keep at it every day.


Materialism is a bad habit. Love is a better way to live. I learned first hand that the people in your family/circle are much more important than that which is material.


The ugly, ew. It’s my philosophy that your character is everything in this world. It determines the friends you have, the jobs you get, the people that would go to bat for you when you needed them.


The desire to prove who we are, why do we do it? Does it matter? Why do we try so hard? Always trying to get someone to notice us. Why are we so fickle? Why do we always need a reason to do anything? Do what we love, do what makes us happy. When your goal is to make yourself happy, you can make the whole world happy and you didn’t even try.