We live in a society where we are brainwashed into believing that more is better. But is it true? I guess the answer would need to be from an individual basis when you think of it. Family has a lot to do with why we have to think of ‘more’ in the first place. A single working couple, for instance, doesn’t require much space. Or do they? Some maybe? But a family with three children would require space. So it depends, right? But I really didn’t this blog for those who require the luxury of good quality space. I am writing it for those who don’t.


Take a look at this small home in this photo? Speaking honestly, could you live here? If I am speaking honestly, my answer would be ‘hell yeah, when do I move in?’ Others, maybe not so. But seriously….fresh air, birds singing, a small garden, a lake nearby to fish in and no noise. No screaming sirens, telephones ringing, neighbors checking up on you, or pollution and smog to deal with. Who wouldn’t want that?

It might not be something you can live in outright at first. We do have jobs to commute to and other responsibilities to juggle. But isn’t it a nice idea to consider? A small area where you can get away from everything and everyone. And with so many people who are starting businesses from home, this would be a haven! Solar panel up the house and go! Why not? I seen an article where there was a list of 99 things a woman could do working from home. You can read it here. Tons of ideas!


But like everything, a small home would have to be an investment, for sure. Your ideas of the future must be considered. You know like, do you plan to marry? Do you plan to have kids one day? Will you move possibly? So yeah, that’s being realistic. All great things to keep in mind.

Myself, I own a large house and my nest is now empty so this is ideal. It’s time for planning for the next leg of the journey. My husband isn’t set to retire for another ten years so that’s something to keep in mind, and it’s much, much longer until that day comes for me. So yes, we have some planning to do.

We’ve lived in the city for over twenty-five years or more, it’s time to re-think life. I’m grateful for all the things I’ve learned about city life and owning my own home. I wouldn’t trade that experience for anything, it’s too valuable.

I had the opportunity to visit one of Canada’s metropolis areas for a short period recently. I’m glad I went because I was able to see something that opened my eyes. I was actually considering moving to this city at one point, we both thought that maybe we should. But the experience of being there changed my mind about the idea of it. I mean, if I was ten years younger, maybe even five years younger- maybe? But now? Not so much. So it’s good to actually see how ‘time’ changes our perspectives from one decade to the next. I took into consideration of everything I experienced in the city. Commuting every day on subways, buses and trains. Listening to the daily sirens. Walking on crowded sidewalks. Waiting in long lines. Sharing the air with people who could care less of you being there because they have their own things going on.


So with that experience I just made up my mind and said, “that’s it I am going to go and build a cabin!” I still have to wait for the spring thaw because I do live in Canada. It be nice if I didn’t have but that’s just not the case. I have some experience log cabin builders (my brothers) who are standing by waiting as well for the spring thaw. So I am looking forward to the summer.

I do understand this type of life is not for everyone. You do have to deal with things that are somewhat not what you are used to. For instance, a flushing toilet. That area will definitely be missed but some of us won’t worry so much. There are far more worse things in the world that are happening. Of course, there are mosquitoes to fend off throughout the evenings but nothing a little spray won’t take care of. Maybe even little critters who may pay you a visit every now and again, like raccoons or snakes. It’s expected. No big deal. I’m more interested in growing a garden, possibly building a greenhouse and maybe even a sauna that I don’t have to pay to sit in for one hour at a time. Now that’s luxury! I could have a sauna once a week!! You know how much that would cost me in the city for a year? 1,040.00!! So, on the bright side I can save myself that thousand and have free saunas right next door to my cabin.

All of this is work, I agree. It’s time and energy but it’s my time and energy (or yours!) that we won’t really regret once the benefits start rolling in. But you know what I have noticed over these last few years, I am more satisfied with building something from scratch with my own two hands than buying it from a store. Of course, I can’t buy a cabin at a store but you get what I mean, right? So this will be fun! I’ll get to learn a few things a long the way, such as handling a power saw. I’m deathly afraid of when that moment comes but, hey! That’s the trade off.


So, yeah, space to me today has a new meaning. I’m thinking of great, green open spaces where the air is fresh that you share with wild animals and some, not so wild. Like the dogs I want to have (I’ve never own my own dog before.) Notice I pluralized the word ‘dog’ because I think I’d like maybe three. We’ll have to see.

Anyway, this has be fun. Don’t be shy to share your thoughts with me on this blog. I love to hear what other people have done, or are planning that is similar.

Thanks for reading.