Most of my life there was a dream. I always knew that I would one day have a family and I dreamed that we’d have a nice home life. As a young family we moved a few times, for work or for educational reasons. But part of me used to dream of owning my own house for the kids to grow up in. A place to call home. And one day, it happened. We were signing papers, visiting a lawyer and doing things we had never done before. I was elated.

A few weeks in after our move in date, my husband and I sat down in our huge porch where we imagined we’d have many evenings of enjoying time together. We took a deep breath almost like a sigh of relief. We did it!! I remember the feeling of being in awe and having such a sense of accomplishment. It was like everything we had done in the past had prepared us for what we were experiencing now. Everything seem to fit. It was such a great feeling.

It’s funny how it seems we do things out of passion at certain points in our lives thinking that it’ll always be this way. I, now no longer believe this is true. Today, my children are all grown and moved out or away. My three storey large home is empty with only memories of their laughter that fill the rooms. But I can’t say that I am sad because I am not. I mean, yes I do get the occasional moment but it never lasts. I feel proud of what I did. I helped raised four beautiful people that show me that they are strong enough to go out and create their own dreams. That is amazing! I have a lot to be thankful for.

Today, I have a new dream.

This dream comes into a circle (almost!) For the past six years or so, I’ve wanted to build a cabin out in the wilderness. Well, wilderness is not exactly the right term because my hometown is surrounded by it. So, I may as well say, back home! My husband and I have been discussing this for awhile now, the idea of it. My version of it is a bit different from his, but I’m sure we can make it work.


The living wouldn’t be too hard to get used to since we both grew up in small homes. Our life style would need to change a bit because for the last twenty something years we’ve gotten used of having the convenience of a store or shopping amenities nearby. Yeah, this type of life would certainly be different. But it could be manageable. There are a few quirks to work out until we are actually going to start the plans for building so we have time to figure those out. It’s not as if we will be miles away from civilization as I hope to build close to family, so that’ll be a bonus. I want it to be a positive experience for everyone. And I think it will, I really do. After speaking with some relatives about our plans I’ve had nothing but confident feedback about the idea. They all want me to succeed. So, I am going to begin plans little by little this year and see where I am at in the autumn season. I have a very trusted brother who has built cabins since he was in his twenties, so he has a lot of experience. So, I’ll be in good hands.

That’s the dream today.

I think it’s perfect for me and my husband. We are at an age where we have very little responsibility, except finances, which we manage fine with. It’s time we do what we really desire and our own cabin is what we desire today. So, with some hope, when I write my blog again for next summer of 2017, I hope I can write something in here about my progress. So, this is the beginning of another dream, a different dream. I’ve shared my dream idea with my children and they were in support of it, so there is a lot of support already.

If you would’ve ask me when I was fourteen or twenty, if I would have wanted to return home as an older person- I would’ve said no. But things change, people change. I certainly have changed. I think everything that I learned of life has gradually pulled me toward the decision to return to a life that is less urbanized, and more wild than anything. I’ve experienced the life of ‘more’ or ‘bigger’ and while it does have its perks, I am ready for something different than what most people have.

Now, I am finally ready for paradise.


Thanks for reading!