What a month!

I haven’t written in my blog lately because it appears that I slow down at this time of season. I’ve had a lot of time to think, to recollect so to speak. But as I sit and type I don’t always have the greatest idea of what to write, I just write. And at points I will erase what I write because it’s not what I really want to say. And some days I will change my mind about writing anything.

I wanted to weigh in on what I have learned these past six weeks being away from home. What did I learn? Ultimately, I know that everything serves a purpose no matter how small it may be. And when I think about it, it’s this- that living life should always feel organic no matter what we do. So how do we do that? Well, the definition of ‘organic’ is as follows; relating to; or derived from living matter.

So we should able to relate to every little piece of experience we decide to have so that it can feel organic. After all, what we are doing in life is growing- intellectually. All of our experiences should feel like an organ inside of us, it should natural. It should feel like it belongs there. In essence, we need to trust ourselves at every moment. Sure we take wrong turns and come out from a decision that didn’t serve us, but it’s just so that we could learn and know that it wasn’t for us. Nothing else. All we are doing day to day is finding out way through life. Some of it we know, some of it we don’t. That’s okay. Eventually everything we are organically made up of is going to naturally find us in the end if we take the right paths.

I believe in vibrations. And vibrations can be like the sounds of our voices. We never really think of them but yet have them. We just think that they are just there. Mmm mm. They are not ‘just’ there. Our voices carry a vibration and this vibration, I believe, allows us to connect with every living person that matches our vibration. So, in essence, I believe that no matter where we go in life we’ll always be surrounded by the people who match us at any given time. It isn’t until we decide to change our vibration in the world that we start meeting new people. And we do that by how we talk to our own selves. We have to examine what we are saying to ourselves, what type of self talk are we listening to?

We often think that our experiences happen to us because of other people. It’s simply not true. While people do make up a part of the experience, it is ultimately us who create experiences for us to have. We are guided by our emotions and our emotions help us decide what to do. So if we don’t like certain experiences we are having, we must change how we are feeling. We must sing a different tune. Our self talk must change. This is where listening is crucial. This is where truth is dire. Everything in our bodies depend on how well we can listen to ourselves, and how truthful we can be to ourselves. Our health is our doing. It’s only genetics if we believe it’s genetics. We never have to suffer if we choose not to suffer. Life is what we make it. We are powerful in that way, we just need to believe that we are. But we have to start listening, really listening to that voice that is deep within us. What is it saying? Are we brave enough to follow that voice? Are we ready to live an organic life?

An organic life is paying attention to our inner voice. It’s the voice that creates the vibration. When we follow that vibration we create awesome experiences that make us smile, laugh and feel overjoyed. It makes us happy.

Every moment- we have thoughts. These thoughts help create what we experience. We are in charge, all the time, no matter how we feel. We are driving the bus. We are not a passenger in life, we’re the driver. We’ve always been the driver.

Thanks for reading!


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