The topic of fighting is everywhere I look, I see it every day. Why are we so big on fighting? Is it some thing that has to do with pride? Surely, the idea of losing for anyone can be consuming, I guess. But we do it with such ease these days that it seems as if it’s part of our genetic makeup. Are we programmed to fight?

When you think of it, we are connected to our screens even more now than ever with new apps that we can take with us on the go through our smart phones. Life has changed. We don’t have to sit at home to watch television anymore. And the option to record live shows has us glued in even more.

Life’s interactions and human behaviours between colleagues, co-workers, families, and friends can be hectic and a bit stressful, I agree. Could you imagine if there were no thing such as a television ever created? Do you think we’d fight as much? How much influence does the shows, movies or programs we watch have on us? Are we learning behaviour and language because we think that it somehow works on television, so maybe it works in real life? Be honest. How much does television influence you?

Like sex, the industry has also taken the stance that fighting sells. If fighting sells, then so does violence, if we are being influenced – no? Yes! Take a real look at it, television is not what it used to be sixty years ago. Even twenty-five years ago! Today, we can hear the terms “ass” or “bitch” on television and no one will bat an eyelash. And movies? Guinness World of Records reports that the movie, Wolf of Wall Street holds the record for breaking the record for most swear words used in a film. Isn’t that incredible? According to Box Office Mojo, the film grossed in worldwide close to four hundred million dollars. So you can imagine how many people have seen it.

I mean don’t get me wrong, I love tv and movies as much as the next person. But I don’t spend more than three hours a day watching something. And there are days where I will do without any screen time at all in a day.

In a world where we are constantly connected to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr and the twenty other apps available to us for free, you’d think we should be tired of watching violence on screens. And by violence I mean cussing, swearing, video GIF’s, negative posts of violence, or news sharing of violent acts around the world. I sometime will shake my head when I see how a violent video or an angry post will get over twenty, forty or more thousand likes on the web. While a positive post or video won’t even touch  the 5k mark. What is wrong with this picture? What are we feeding? What are we buying?

Isn’t it time to change the view? When we think of our lives and how they are going for us, is it working? Do we have everything we want? Truthfully?

If we’ve forgotten we must once again be reminded that we are energetic beings. We are energy. We are a life force. We deserve love. We deserve shelter. We deserve happiness. We deserve to laugh, share, care, and create the same for others to know and realize. No matter where we come from, no matter what our background, no matter what our history, we are all deserving.

But somewhere along the path we got lost and we forgot all these things. Somewhere along the way, we or someone tells us that we were not deserving and we believed it. We bought it. And we started from that platform. We learned to fight. And at the time, the fighting was okay because we were fighting to survive. But then somewhere it changes, the fighting goes to our heads and things begin to lose their meaning. So time after time our skins began to build a new and thicker shield as we got older. We began to bring in new things to match who we’d become. Words like pride, envy, wrath, gluttony, sloth, lust and greed. You may recognize the words, yes! The seven deadly sins. And because we are energetic beings, the body can suffer when we (over) engaged in the behaviours of such words.

Everything in life massages our senses and television is no different. Most of what television is about – is language. It’s there to convey a message, and it does this by using words.

Words. They hold so much power.

We don’t even realize how powerful we really are. We have the power to change the future just by using words. Isn’t that amazing? We don’t need swords, we don’t need guns, bullets or even money. We can do it by our words.

This world has seen enough violence. It has experienced enough pain to last twenty life times or more. Isn’t it time that it get to experience love and respect? Bravery and courage? Honesty and humility? Truth!

My hat is off to all the men and women who bravely post their posters that depict kindness, caring and loving statements or videos. Including the men and women who start Facebook groups for worthwhile causes.

We may have been programmed to fight. But we still have our own free will to decide to stop fighting. And maybe then, our lives can get better for the longer run.


Thanks for reading!