All we have

On the grander scale of things, I thought I’d write a post about something in regards to reflection. I saw a few photos and I was instantly reminded of a time in life that I reflected back to for a few moments. They were good memories. I felt a sense of peace thinking about them.

But the truth of the matter is….they are just memories now.

I will never be able to recreate something that once was- in time today. I could try. But it would not be the same. It will never be the same again because that is what time is. It is a moment created by someone that will never come again. It is the joy, the laughter, the fun, the craziness, the bold that is us at a certain moment in time. That is all we get.

And most times, it is enough. It’s everything.

But we cannot lock away those moments and return to them anytime we want. So we have to learn to appreciate the time that was given to us. Whatever those moments entail, we have to learn to appreciate them. They will never come again.

And it is not sad. It is beautiful. It is the things that make us grow. We do it because we know an experience (and how it made us feel) so we go around hoping to recreate a small part of it somewhere else. It’s the feeling, the sense of emotions that is being ignited like a fire. This is what gets passed on from person to person. This is what grows.

Happiness is a reasonable goal for daily life. It should be what we chase every day. It should be one of our first morning thoughts. Every moment we get is all we have right now. All of it is now. And if we learn to see life in this way, we will always walk through life creating moments that make us happy. bethankfulquote

Last year’s memories are gone. They are just memories now. But if we walk with the notion every day that today is going to be about happiness, we wouldn’t have to look back so much on what already happened. We’d be too busy right now thinking of how to make this moment the greatest moment that we could have.

So smile, laugh, tell a joke (mindfully) or do whatever it is that makes you happy.

This moment won’t come again. Enjoy it now.