So, today I am leaving an excerpt from my new book, “The Science of My Life: Creating a Life of Peace” which was released on Sunday. You can buy a copy of it here if you would like to purchase it. I am still very excited of the release, it’s still sinking in. I have gone and ordered my own copy but I am thinking of doing a giveaway through my Facebook page. One lucky person will receive a free copy of my book. I still haven’t gotten all the details of how I will run that giveaway but if you join my Facebook page, you can participate.

So, without further ado here is the excerpt from my book.

Chapter: Allowance p.43


What you allow is what will continue to manifest in your life. Sound familiar? It’s true. There isn’t anything in your life that can enter into existence without your allowance. It enters through your beliefs, your desires, your attitudes, your thoughts, and also the people who you surround yourself with. Every thing you have been through up to this point, you have allowed. You gave it permission to be there. I know that sounds like a hard pill to swallow and it doesn’t taste good. When I first realized this for myself, I took a step back. I had to let it sink in. I had to digest it. And like everything the very last stage to anything in our life is acceptance, I came to accept it. Acceptance can turn to love if you allow it. You start to see something other what you used to see and learn to see the beauty of it all. The mass orchestration of what is called your life.

In allowance we have complete control of everything in front of us. We may not see how or where? But it’s there. The easiest way to explain it is in our choice of saying yes and no. Again some of us are good at it and some of us need help. There are those of us who say yes when we should say no and vice versa and we suffer for some of those choices. It doesn’t always happen but a lot of times, it does. This is where we blame ourselves for our mistakes. This is where our doubts begin to grow. For some this may have started a long time ago reaching as far as our teen years.

This is a fixing stage. This is where we need to talk about ourselves. We all have dislikes about how we act, how we behave, and how we react to situations. This needs to come to the surface. If we smother this information and stuff it down ourselves we suffer on the outside. We end up make choices that don’t reflect who we really are- authentically. We may end up in relationships that are not healthy for us. We go into fields and jobs that we turn out to hate. And suddenly we are buried in a spot where it feels like we can’t get out of. This is all due because we chose not to talk about our issues and our shortcomings. And sometimes, most times we didn’t even know they were there because they build slowly and surely. This is why reflection can be good and how it can help us because we can look back at certain points in life. The moments where we laughed, we cried, we struggled, we accomplished, we overcame, we dreamed, we succeeded and where we failed. We should be able to look back on life while we have a great amount of air in our lungs and enough joint health to move around with ease. We shouldn’t wait until it is too late because regrets are no fun. So talk, talk to a counselor, a mentor, a sponsor, or a guru. Anyone who has the experience of life that can help you sort out your confusion. Your health depends on it.


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